RMAA-SA creating awareness for Down Syndrome

The Down Syndrome Association of Pretoria/Tshwane captured the hearts of the management and staff of RMAA-SA some years back – if you’d like to know more about how and why we got involved, please read about it on our CSI page (https://rmaa-sa.co.za/csi/).

Our main contribution to date has been focused on helping to facilitate early childhood development, or ECD.  This is a critical need for children with Down syndrome as the extra chromosome, that results in Down syndrome, affects intellectual and the individual’s developmental growth.  For example, a child with Down syndrome may only start crawling at 2 or 3 years old.

Early intervention helps children with developmental delays, such as those with Down syndrome, to bridge that gap and reach their milestones quicker. Keep an eye out for our forthcoming blog about the ECD program and rural outreach program.

In addition, young adults with Down syndrome, will often require assistance transitioning from a school environment to a work environment.

The Down Syndrome Association of Pretoria/Tshwane offers a school to work transition program that prepares young adults for the world of work and responsibility. This is invaluable to the individual, their families and to the community at large.

The School to Work programme includes a computer skills development session every Thursday afternoon. RMAA-SA recently donated some computers to the organization to help the young adults currently in the program to gain vital computer skills that are necessary in everyday life.

The organization is exceptionally well structured and focused on doing their utmost to reach all families of persons with Down syndrome and to improve the lives of all persons with Down syndrome.  Getting into the more rural and informal areas in our country proves challenging, but the dedicated staff at the organization are relentless in their quest and go above and beyond to ensure they do whatever they can to get materials and resources to families in need of this help.

Often, the most effective way to maintain communication is via WhatsApp, but data is not always available.  They will soon be embarking on a data drive to encourage people to donate data packages for those in need.

If you’re keen to know more or to offer help to this worthy cause, please visit the web site here.