Our accreditations allow you to keep your OEM warranties intact with our vehicle modifications.

RMAA is accredited by Ford Motor Company as a QVM (Qualified Vehicle Modifier) and by Nissan as an ‘Approved Vehicle Converter’ in the commercial sector. This allows RMA customers to keep the OEM warranty intact as well as an additional RMA warranty on the modifications.

Our long-standing partnership with our OEM Customers continues to develop and is largely successful due to our shared mission and values.

Recent Projects

We have recently personalised the limited-edition Ford Ranger ‘Thunder’ for the European Export and South Africa markets, adding unique branding, red accents on the badging and air-vents, branded interior trim as well as the two accessories that RMAA SA fit to each of these vehicles – the black Mountain Top Roller Shutter and a unique ‘Load Box Divider’.

You can read more about this Ford OEM Fitment project here.