The Down Syndrome Association (Pretoria/Tshwane)

Corporate Social Investment

Down Syndrome Association

RMAA-SA support the Down Syndrome Association in Pretoria/Tshwane.

Why The Down Syndrome Association?

One of our valued staff members has a little boy with Down Syndrome and, through her, we heard about the incredible work that Elaine, Magda and their team are committed to at the Down Syndrome Association of Pretoria.

What does the association do?

The association supports approximately 500 infants, children, teenagers and adults and their families. It is a parent-run association that is very involved in providing support services including Speech Therapy, Occupational Therapy and Music Therapy to the children from a very young age, as well as support and education for the parents and families of children with Down Syndrome.

“We dream of an inclusive society, where all people are equal. A society where doctors who diagnose Down syndrome in the womb, would congratulate the parents, telling them how much potential persons with Down syndrome have. Where learners with Down syndrome are readily accepted in all mainstream schools, from nurseries to high schools and, after school, are welcomed in the open job market.”

How did the association begin?

The founder of the association Magda Lourens wanted to put her down syndrome boy through normal school education. Due to the struggle with schools etc, they formed a group of parents who started to work towards this goal.

How do RMAA-SA Contribute?

RMAA-SA wanted to make more of a difference than just donating a lump sum, so we have agreed to a monthly contribution to cover the cost of an additional therapist to assist with the huge demand for these services.


Thanks to the constant efforts of everyone involved in the association, they now have children placed in normal schools and young qualified adults in the workplace.

They strive to reach as much parents with down syndrome kids as possible in order to assist & teach them how to understand, assist & train these kids.

Visit their website for more information:

The Down Syndrome Association of Pretoria/Tshwane is a registered Public Benefit Organisation (PBO) / Non-profit Section 18A Organisation (NPO 000-362)

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